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Disinfection campaign with Certis and Lainco

During these days of the agricultural calendar, the disinfection of soils on farms and farms is one of the most general and immediate tasks among many of you. This prior and recommended set-up of greenhouses and plots always goes through a certain and adequate strategy in disinfecting the soil that we are going to use for a new growing cycle. Solarization and chemical disinfection have, as you know, the common objective of reducing the populations of pathogens that inhabit our agricultural soils. Some of you also know from your own experience that fungi, bacteria, nematodes, etc … can sometimes cause significant losses in production and the final result of crops. In practice chemical disinfection is one in which synthetic chemicals are used such as: Metan sodium, which is targeted at edaphic fungi and weeds. And Dichloropropene, which is a very effective active on nematodes. The combination of chemical disinfection with solarization is the most common and common practice among our clients, who generally value this form of soil conditioning as the most effective. That is why we want to highlight today in our blog those products for soil disinfection that Sama has been working with Certis Europe and Lainco to offer and recommend to the farmer in El Ejido and Vícar, the best solutions for effective disinfection. from the soil of your greenhouse. Take a look at its main characteristics by clicking on the images or the name of both products.